You can make a difference!

The Genesis Alliance aids local nonprofit organizations that help women and children whose lives have been upended by domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse.

Our scholarship fund assists those in need obtain a higher education. It’s what they need to transition from surviving to thriving. We award scholarships on scholastic achievement, personal experience, and personal financial need.

A New Beginning…
Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

We are inspired by the women and children in our community who deal directly with domestic violence and sexual abuse every day. Join us as we continue our efforts to break the cycle of abuse — while improving the lives of one family, one woman, and one child at a time. You can make a difference!

The Genesis Alliance believes in educating and empowering victims of domestic violence to help break the cycle of abuse. The scholarship fund helps them achieve a full and thriving life. Dreama, our first scholarship recipient, graduated summa cum laude with a BSN degree from NC A&T State University.

Dreama had interviewed for other scholarships, but found the process rigid and intimidating. At the Genesis Alliance, she says, “They took the time to get to know who I was, not just how I looked on paper.” She graduated in 2014, debt-free.

Dreama feels grateful to the Genesis Alliance, not only for the financial assistance, but also for the encouragement to keep working toward her goal. “It motivates me… because I know Genesis has invested in my future and they believe in me.”

B.N., another scholarship recipient, wrote that she received an award for making the Dean’s List. I am very proud of myself for everything that I’ve accomplished and for all that I had to overcome to still come out on top! I thank every one of you.

At a meeting with my teachers, the director told me I was very determined, focused and heading on the right track in bettering my life and having a successful career. She’s hoping to place me in a hospital for my clinicals, which would give me a chance for a job once I graduate. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far if it weren’t for Genesis Alliance’s help.”



The Genesis Alliance is a nonprofit volunteer organization, created to raise community awareness of the pervasiveness and effects of violence against women and children. We aim to empower survivors to create and establish healthy and productive lives. Join us today!

The Genesis Alliance, Inc. is an independent and self-sustaining nonprofit organization. It is not affiliated with, nor an auxiliary to, any other organization. Incorporated as a nonprofit charitable organization under the laws of North Carolina on March 25, 2004, it is a tax-exempt public charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.